she expected the world,
of paradise
and the bullets catch in her teeth

FIGURES OF LORE | selene, greek mythology
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In Greek mythology, Selene (Greek Σελήνη [selɛ̌ːnɛː] ‘moon’;) is the goddess of the moon. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun-god Helios, and of Eos, goddess of the dawn. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens. Several lovers are attributed to her in various myths, including Zeus, Pan, and the mortal Endymion. In classical times, Selene was often identified with Artemis, much as her brother, Helios, was identified with Apollo. Both Selene and Artemis were also associated with Hecate, and all three were regarded as lunar goddesses, although only Selene was regarded as the personification of the moon itself. Her Roman equivalent is Luna.

The etymology of Selene is uncertain, but if the name is of Greek origin, it is likely connected to the word selas (σέλας), meaning “light”.

Just as Helios, from his identification with Apollo, is called Phoebus (“bright”), Selene, from her identification with Artemis, is also commonly referred to by the epithet Phoebe (feminine form). The original Phoebe of Greek mythology is Selene’s aunt, the Titaness mother of Leto and Asteria, and grandmother of Apollo, Artemis, and Hecate. Also from Artemis, Selene was sometimes called “Cynthia”. Selene was also called Mene. The word men (feminine mene), meant the moon, and the lunar month. It was also the name of the Phrygian moon-god Men.


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♫ Sleeping With A Friend
by: Neon Trees played 1316 times
Album: Pop Psychology

Sleeping With A Friend // Neon Trees

did you breathe it in? the soft scents of lavendar, the easy hint of lilac?
it’s okay to say that you did - if you can even speak at all.
perhaps your words are caught still, somewhere between her cotton sheets;
lingering and wavering,
spending the night,
finding a home outside of her perfume bottle.

did her hair smell like strawberries?
perhaps it reminded you of summer and sunkissed skin.
maybe it brought back a memory you held dearly,
while your arms held her closer.
it’s okay to say these things are still wrapped up around her,
i’m telling you - it’s alright.
i bet those things are still caressing her skin and dancing in those strawberry scented thoughts.

or did you get lost in her delicate embrace?
she must have felt like porcelain in your calloused hands
perhaps you felt yourself get lost somewhere -
maybe it was when your lips left trails on her hips.
you must have left such sweet stories behind,
a raw novel you put as a parting gift.

but it’s okay, it is.
i thought i wanted you to say it aloud, but i’ll be fine if you don’t.
the sparkle in your eyes has dimmed,
the carelessness behind your smile is gone.
your tenderness has lost it’s touch.

and it’s okay. it is.
i’ve never smelled like lilacs or summertime memories.

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Andrea F (Stockholmsgruppen). Photography by Anton Östlund.

I didn’t even mean to ship it this hard

— My Autobiography, Chapter 7 (via kiliansprincess)